Adam Van Osdel is Creative Director for Pottawattomie Arts Culture and Entertainment (PACE) at the Hoff Family Arts and Culture Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Van Osdel has 20 years experience in museums and art Institutes, and began his career in the arts in 2004 at the Durham Museum creating and designing exhibits.

 He later studied architecture, donating his time to develop a new science and technology wing for Omaha North High School. Adam would also pursue a love for film and collect film credits in props and special effects with the film Lucky released in theaters and later Netflix. His career would move deeper into museum work, having worked on over 50 exhibits ranging from The Smithsonian to the Field Museum. He has provided design consulting for the Harley Davidson Museum and acted as the Exhibit Designer for the Omaha Children's Museum. He has included teaching as one of his core principles throughout his career. Lending his experience to Iowa West Community College and Do Space in Omaha. 

Adam often combines his experience in exhibitry, film, theatrical design, and historic preservation, taking pride in creating immersive experiences that bring together all the senses in a way that captivates the visitor. Whether including tactile elements in an experience such as touch-activated interfaces, crafting ambiance through sound and light, or creating an interactive exhibit that encourages play, he approaches every design process as an exciting challenge. "I love to see the ideas evolve from a sketch into reality.”  “Creating real programs that make a measurable impact in people's lives is essential to this work.”

Adam also serves as Vice Chair and Production Designer for TED x Omaha. He owns and operates, with his wife, an art cafe, Edge of the Universe: The Museum Cafe. His degree is a bachelor's in theater from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. “Education is at the core of everything we do and everything starts in the arts!”

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Adam Van Osdel 

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