Bryan Hill Entertainment wanted a 14 page  catalog to exibit many but not all of there numerous entertainment services. Thus we have a few examples from that catalog below. The graphics were created at 300 dpi allowing the pages to be printed as large advertisement posters.  The booklet is created to demonstrate the same fun, and active nature of Bryan Hill Entertainment.   


And I am very proud to say that they were more then happy with the results and promptly printed over 10,000 copies for there first round! A special thank  you to Bryan Hill Entertainment. 

 Below: . The pages are  laid out as they were printed and then folded like the slip cover to a book.

 They are laid out how the book would be stapled together. I.E. the cover and back page are on the same print page.
Click the graphic to see that page in more detail. They ordered over 10,000 copies.



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